XpressNet is a new line of products from IPMobileNet that provides high-speed Wi-Fi mesh backhaul and client connectivity for mobile data communications.

XpressNet offers local government and private enterprise an opportunity to build on their existing legacy systems and create integrated wireless networks that extend and accelerate communications and service delivery across towns, cities, and entire regions.

The initial product offering in this line is the SmartCell intelligent outdoor access point. SmartCell can be used for building-to-building connectivity across metropolitan areas or to create outdoor wireless hot zones in urban centers, recreation areas, business parks and office districts—bringing broadband Internet access and high bandwidth voice/data/video services to employees and citizens alike, regardless of their location or mobility needs.

Units can be mounted discreetly on public and government buildings, along the streets on lampposts or dedicated poles, at intersections on traffic signals, or billboards.


SmartCell uses the high-speed capabilities of 802.11 for backhaul and mobile data user access to LANs, WANs, and other IP-based networks. SmartCell advanced mesh technology provides dedicated radios and separate frequencies for the wireless backbone and dedicated radios and frequencies for mobile client connectivity. This system supports mobile client connectivity from any 802.11 compliant Network Interface Cards (NIC) available today.

SmartCell is an access point that has been designed for outdoor installation on buildings, light poles, and other outdoor fixtures. Using 802.11 (a) or (g), network speeds are up to 108 Mbps between meshed access points. Mobile clients supporting 802.11 (b), (a) or (g) can achieve data rates of up to 54 Mbps.

SmartCell access points can be utilized for “hot spot” uploading and downloading of files and reports, or it can be used as a high-speed supplement to private radio systems like IPMobileNet’s IP Series. Mesh network topology increases reliability and redundancy for the data backhaul - data is automatically rerouted to another access point when an access point fails.


ManagerOne is a proprietary Web Management Interface, residing on all wireless modules within the XpressNet network. The interface uses a tabbed page design with supporting frames, pull-down menus, pop-up dialogs, and a mouse over feature to provide detailed knowledge about the network and its current active state. From Manager/One, network administrators can manage SmartCell Access Points at the network, subnet, node or module level. In addition, Manager/One provides several reporting schemes, including inventory analysis, rogue AP detection, and system logging (syslog) events. The system supports HTTP and HTTPs (secure HTTP) to ensure that your Manager/One session is completely encrypted and cannot be compromised by unauthorized users.