Taxi Equipment Company

The Los Angeles area’s largest taxi fleet equipment provider has installed a multi-county UHF mobile data system for dispatching taxi cabs. Using IPMobileNet’s integrated GPS receiver in the mobile radio, dispatchers can more efficiently identify cabs locations, dispatch cars appropriately, and communicate with vehicles using mobile data terminals, leaving voice channels free for emergencies and other communications. More than 1,200 taxis are utilizing the system.

Red Top Cab Company

This Washington DC cab company has installed a two-channel, two-site UHF mobile data system. The asset management capabilities of GPS receivers in the vehicles, and the efficiencies gained by data dispatching are expected to pay for the system within two years.

B&L Service, Inc.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, B&L utilizes its IPMobileNet mobile data system to maximum efficiency, tracking taxi and livery vehicle locations and dispatching based on real-time location information. The system is utilized by more than 750 vehicles. It features two towers with VHF channels at each site. The system has been operational since 2004.

Emerging uses:

IP Series

Specialized Mobile Radio Service (SMRS): Taxi and livery companies can generate additional revenue by leasing equipment and access to the private IP Series system to local businesses that require mobile data communications capabilities (like local trucking and delivery companies, and local service industries).


“Hot spots” at service centers and dispatch locations for high-speed upload/download of data collected in a shift. Utilize 802.11 a capabilities with directional antennas to provide long-distance (up to 10 miles) hops to hard-wired LAN drops or between base station towers.