IPMobileNet has deployed and managed the implementation of complex mobile data systems with clients including:

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

LASD is the largest sheriff’s department in the United States, with more than 2,000 vehicles. LASD use 14 sites to cover the county. The Department has eight channels of data, and IPMobileNet has provided a migration plan whereby the County is using the installed base of MDT’s with the new IP Series technology.

State of Kentucky

The Center for Rural Development in Kentucky selected IPMobileNet as the mobile data provider for a 33-county region in the south eastern part of the state. The initial roll out of this 800 MHz system is complete, and includes more than 1,100 mobile radios and 80 base station sites. The City of Lexington Police, Fire, and Sheriff’s Departments also operate IP Series mobile data systems. In 2005, IPMobileNet was selected as the mobile data computing standard for the entire state.

State of Wisconsin

The State Department of Transportation (DOT) has almost completed the procurement and installation of the statewide IP Series infrastructure. The system features multiple channels and more than 2,000 vehicles, including the Wisconsin State Police. The State DOT will service and maintain the IP Series infrastructure, and all municipal agencies in the state will be able to purchase IPMobileNet radios to join the digital data network.

State of Chihuahua, Mexico

The State of Chihuahua is Mexico’s largest state, and it has installed the IPMobileNet mobile data system for statewide coverage on UHF frequencies. The State uses the system to check licenses and vehicle registrations from the vehicle, and print out tickets from the vehicles. The State has partnered with Mexican auto insurance companies to recover stolen vehicles. The revenue generated by this private/public venture, combined with the efficiencies realized in traffic ticketing and administration paid for the system within 18 months.

City of Detroit Police and Fire Departments

The Police and Fire Departments have more than 600 vehicles utilizing this four-channel, four-site 800 MHz system. IPMobileNet received the contract award in July, 2003 to replace the mobile data infrastructure with the IPMobileNet IP-based wireless network. The new IPMobileNet system communicates with the existing 4800 baud system, and provide IP-connectivity to the new CAD.