IP Series Mobile Radios

The IP Series mobile radios interface to mobile data computers or other intelligent devices in the vehicle through a 9-pin serial connection or RJ45 Ethernet port. Adding a mobile data computer on the IP Series network is as simple as adding a computer to a LAN. The mobiles are an integrated radio and modem with built-in GPS receiver. Beyond performing standard modulation/demodulation tasks, the modem provides forward error correction and data interleaving. The IP Series utilizes our patented Intelligent Diversity Reception™, which is key to successful first-try communications. All equipment meets or exceeds EIA/TIA specifications for shock, vibration, humidity, and temperature variations.

IP Series 64

Available in UHF, 800 MHz and 700 MHz bands, IP Series 64 equipment provides high speed, end-to-end IP connectivity from the mobile user to the LAN or dispatch center.

IP Series Fixed Radio

Available in UHF, 800 MHz and 700 MHz bands, IP Series Fixed Radio provides 32 kbps, end-to-end IP connectivity to the customer network. It is designed to be used for signs and other applications at fixed locations.